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Despair and Violence in Gaza, in Jerusalem

by Adrainne Gray Helpless, despair, shoulders shrug, all five fingers pinched together, and wrist flicked upward “Shu Hada?” “What, shall we do?” Some keep on singing. The trolley runs through Jerusalem, as usual. Flags of Israel and the U.S. fly

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One Year in Jerusalem: A Time for Everything

By Adrainne Gray On August 10, we celebrated one year since our deployment to Jerusalem/Palestine. What a year! The four of us think back on our ministry and life here and do not regret the day we decided to say

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I Don’t Like Gates: A Sermon on Divine Enclosure

Sermon for Sunday 07 May 2017 Fourth Sunday in Easter Lutheran Church of the Redeemer, Jerusalem John 10:1-10 Hallelujah, He is Risen! I don’t like gates, enclosures, pens, fences, walls. I never have. It’s part of the reason I felt

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In 2017, Will We Let Extremists Win?

Reblogged this from and commented: “Once sufficiently integrated, religious extremism cannot be defeated either diplomatically or militarily. It must be countered theologically. This is work beyond the proper boundaries of the state.” Thank you Prof.Smith for the brief seminar

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The Transition

By Adrainne Gray Transitioning is the time between one country and the next. I am happy to say, after unforeseen delays, our visas have finally been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Interior. We are scheduled to depart August 9.

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Our “New” Typical Day

7:00 a.m. Wake, splash water on face, eat fast, get coffee (if we hadn’t sold the grinder!) 8:00  Roofers coming to patch roof (preparing for renters) 8:30 Continue to load car for trip to the storage unit 8:45 Car was

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