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Traveling with Foster Kids

Ok, so here is the promised post about traveling with foster kids. Sometime last year I asked my reader (I have one follower:) to stay tuned as the Gray Tones added foster children to the travel mix. Well, I have

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Good deal

Ben found this great deal on these child-sized backpacks for $12.95! The backpacks have a water bladder for hydration, a whistle for a lost traveler and a hip & chest strap for a comfortable fit. kids packed them up

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No Money to Travel

There is no money to travel in our budget! How I miss the travel benefits of an airline job. I don’t regret choosing my children over my career but, wow, air travel is expensive! What’s the deal with the fees

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Hilton Head Island

We found the amount of ways to “entertain” our children on Hilton Head Island numerous, but expensive. So we didn’t do any of it. We packed up and spent two days at the beach! There we saw dolphins playing (yes,

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This Little Light of Mine

Here is a people encounter during our Fort Yargo trip I won’t soon forget.After we put the children to bed in our tent, Ben and I sat up by the fire chatting. A family with a teen arrived and proceeded

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Bringing Something Home

As I explore, close to home or far away, I realize that with each trip I bring home a little something. I’m not talking about souvenir like T-shirts or salt & pepper shakers, or even a rare one-of-a-kind handicraft (although,

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Boring Part 2

Ok, so this weekend we packed up the minivan and drove an hour away to a great Georgia State park – Fort Yargo. This is the first of several attempts at fighting boredom as a family.It worked! It also reminded

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A Travel with Children Tip

I wanted to share some tips. Ben and I have discovered that many museums, science centers, aquariums, etc. catering to children offer a discount or free admission toward the end of the day. For example, when we visited Huntsville, the

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Washed the IPod

Okey, dokey,I washed and dried the IPod! Yep, I apparently left it in my pants pocket and it went through a cycle of laundry. It’s dead. Our trips in the car are void of my daily Godcasts, (Charles Stanley, Andy

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Cups and Saucers

Cups and saucers are our new habit. It began during our travels and took conception here in Atlanta watching one of my favorite movies, “Paris, Je T’Aime. ” We love the movie for several reasons – it reminds us of

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