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Our First Backcountry Camping Trip
When Disaster Strikes Travel

Back in a post from June 2005,  I posted about the need to tag my children (equip them with proper identification) after the tsunamis of Asia and Africa. I decided to revisit this post for obvious reasons –  the earthquake and

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Planning Time to Plan

So, in the car on the way to somewhere, Dear Husband says,  “We need to talk about what we have planned for vacation.  I have 5 weeks (27 days of vacation) and I need to schedule for it, or I

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Speaking Japanese with a translator

Since the March 11, 2011 earthquake and tsunami in Japan our family has been recalling the time we spent in Japan during our 2003 trip.The memories of our trip had been tucked away but now with the disaster they are

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Travel With Kids Tips (revisited!)

This is one of my classic blogs, but still relevant. ***We’ve since added another child and the children are older since this was first written, nevertheless timeless tips that I needed to review.*** These are a five tips, or things

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Costa Rica

I wrote this review about our 2009 family trip to Costa Rica. The review was sort of a contest. I had the opportunity to win an all-expense paid trip with the family to somewhere. I’ve forgotten where, well, because I

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Traveling with Foster Kids

Ok, so here is the promised post about traveling with foster kids. Sometime last year I asked my reader (I have one follower:) to stay tuned as the Gray Tones added foster children to the travel mix. Well, I have

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Good deal

Ben found this great deal on these child-sized backpacks for $12.95! The backpacks have a water bladder for hydration, a whistle for a lost traveler and a hip & chest strap for a comfortable fit. kids packed them up

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No Money to Travel

There is no money to travel in our budget! How I miss the travel benefits of an airline job. I don’t regret choosing my children over my career but, wow, air travel is expensive! What’s the deal with the fees

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Hilton Head Island

We found the amount of ways to “entertain” our children on Hilton Head Island numerous, but expensive. So we didn’t do any of it. We packed up and spent two days at the beach! There we saw dolphins playing (yes,

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