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Our First Christmas in the Holy Land
Absentee Ballots, Voting Abroad

By Ben Gray Ahhh, the right and privilege to vote. That most basic civic duty takes on a whole new meaning when you live abroad. Up until this year, the most adversity I ever had to go through to cast

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The Gate to Tel Aviv

We approach gate 41 to Tel Aviv and the sight of yarmulkes, black flat brimmed hats and shin-length skirts grab my attention before I truly notice the gate number. I smile and quietly tell Ben, “I think this is our gate.” Gate

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I Don’t Belong

By Adrainne Gray After a late night flight from Chicago, we take an Uber from the airport to our empty house in Atlanta. We arrive at our house, a cathedral without its members. The invisible waves of chants and prayers

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The Transition

By Adrainne Gray Transitioning is the time between one country and the next. I am happy to say, after unforeseen delays, our visas have finally been approved by the Israeli Ministry of Interior. We are scheduled to depart August 9.

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The Excitement of Leaving

When we tell our friends and acquaintances that we are moving the entire family to Jerusalem they often say “Oh, how exciting!” For several weeks I’ve had trouble recognizing the emotion I feel as excitement. From the moment we officially accepted the assignment we

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The Process of Leaving

In the book “Third Culture Kids: Growing Up Among Worlds” authors, Pollock and Van Reken, designate three stages in preparing to live outside of your country of origin: Leaving, Transitioning, Entering. Within those stages Third Culture people (people who have a

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Our “New” Typical Day

7:00 a.m. Wake, splash water on face, eat fast, get coffee (if we hadn’t sold the grinder!) 8:00  Roofers coming to patch roof (preparing for renters) 8:30 Continue to load car for trip to the storage unit 8:45 Car was

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Tour of Florida

One of the things I love about travel is its ability to make me aware of my existence in the world and how I have the power to make that existence significant or settle in mediocrity. Lately, this is what

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Standing Indian Creek, North Carolina

This was a very wet camping trip!It rained everyday but I think it was the most fun Sweet Pea and Gypsy Boy have had camping, yet.

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