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Letting Go of Homeschool

In 2011 I ended a blog with these words: “There may be a time for worksheets and drills, but for Sweet Pea, it isn’t now.” Through tears, prayer, hours of meditation, and confirmation from our community, the time has come

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It’s Not Getting Done

Last week Dear Husband was away on business and I was left to #weallschool all alone. I dropped off Sweet Pea at middle school (while Gypsy Boy slept in)  I attended the parent/principal coffee update at the middle school, which

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How Sweet Pea Blogs

A few of you have noticed that my little Sweet Pea is now a blogger. She has watched me blog for all of her life and one night right after watching me post she asked if she could have a

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Yes, I Threw Out the Math Curriculum

So, if you happened to read Sweet Pea’s blog, she mentioned that I threw out the math curriculum with the television.  She asked me why.  I said, “It’s a little complicated, Sweet Pea.”I must admit that I like the philosophy

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Mommy! We Found It!

This is what I heard as the kids came screaming into the house last night after a walk with Papa and the new puppy Temple. What did you find? As Gypsy Boy picked himself up from the floor (he had

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How Homeschoolers Take A Break From Homeschooling

So, when school is at home, do you take a school break? Usually in my house, no. No, because at the tender ages of 5 and 7 years old, academics have not really been strenuous. However this year, we began

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I love analogies

People often ask, “Why do you homeschool?” I have several reasons but one makes the top 10 list and it is: I love the everyday analogies that pop up during the day, reminding me of our relationship with our Heavenly

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Mozart Noir

Since my little Gypsy boy was 3 years old (he is 5 years old now) he has asked to play the violin. We thought the violin would require way more fine motor skills than our boy could handle at 3,

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I Need the Word of God

Life has been rough lately. Nothing extraordinary. But enough to get my attention and make me run to God for a reality check. It seems like parenting has been becoming weary for Ben and me. The kids seem extra clingy,

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