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Photo & Story a Day Project

…And now for something completely different Adrainne and I are collaborating on a photo and word short story to spark our creativity and it’s going to go like this: I shoot a photo and gave it to Adrainne (without any

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Keynote Speech for ELCA New England Synod Assembly 2018
“Many Believed” A Sermon for the LDC
Escape Sermon (November 2018) Luke 21:25-35
Sylvia’s Faith Statement

Matthew 25: 34 – 40 34 “Then the King will speak to those on his right. He will say, ‘My Father has blessed you. Come and take what is yours. It is the kingdom prepared for you since the world

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May 2018 Newsletter
Guide Me Along The Way, And Make Me Willing to Follow It
January 2018 GrayTones Newsletter
One Year in Jerusalem: A Time for Everything

By Adrainne Gray On August 10, we celebrated one year since our deployment to Jerusalem/Palestine. What a year! The four of us think back on our ministry and life here and do not regret the day we decided to say

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A Diaconal Message for the Consecration of Adrainne Gray

September 17, 2017 – Greetings to The Right Bishop Munib Younan, The Bishop-Elect Ibrahim Azar, The Propst Wolfgang Schmidt, and esteemed Reverends, Deacons, and the Good People of God. Thank you for your presence. *** In 2012, my father, who had been

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