The Excitement of Leaving

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Gypsy Boy pushing a cart of stuff to the storage unit

When we tell our friends and acquaintances that we are moving the entire family to Jerusalem they often say “Oh, how exciting!”

For several weeks I’ve had trouble recognizing the emotion I feel as excitement.

From the moment we officially accepted the assignment we began to struggle with settling our minds on this new life.

With some thought it occurred to me that perhaps there is no room for excitement among the busyness, the paperwork, and strategizing a move. Before there is room for excitement there needs to be some real practical steps, after all, we’re a family of four that has lived in the same house for 11 years, and we need to organize and execute a plan!

As we plan, plans fall apart, things break down and questions go unanswered.

The truth is that the urgency to purge, shift, downside, and foresee future needs, isn’t very exciting.

Essentially we are uprooting our very stable life, and this type of letting go is not quite exciting but rather a process of resting in uncertainty and allowing faith to take over.

Rather than excitement, it is a sense of awe that I feel for now. I am in awe of the process of releasing what is familiar in exchange for what is not.  I am in awe of how completely willing and ready I am for this opportunity, yet I am slightly unnerved. I am mostly in awe of how God has sent his workers to help us transition out of our comfort zone just when we need help, but not a moment too soon.

Perhaps the response could be, “Oh, how awesome?”


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