A Journey With a Purpose Part 2

Spirituality May 04, 2011 No Comments

Last night I met with our group heading down to Guatemala.

There will be 7 of us going as ambassadors to be with our companion church in Guatemala City.
The meeting was casual and covered a lot of the mundane details of our trip.

Not much exciting or spiritual about how many changes of clothes I should pack, or completing a medical release form,  really.

But in a  room of people who did not know each other, there was a quiet, a deep knowing that we were all in store for something that we could not imagine.  Something that none of us could compare to any other event. Something that, even the pastor leading the group, could not “go over” in detail.

Cognitively, we knew that this trip would be uniquely transforming but we could not interpret the specifics, the details of how that would happen – despite our probing.
It seemed simply impossible to predict how Christ would come into our journey.  It seemed simply impossible to predict how we would interact with people who are different, who speak differently, who we did not yet know on a personal level, but regardless are people who are our brothers and sisters in the Kingdom.

So, we continued to control what we could, reaching for passports to record the number, making individual decisions out loud about whether to bring shorts or pants, 2 skirts or 3 skirts,  hats or bandannas – all the while knowing that the real issue was out of our control.

Grace & Peace


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