A Journey with a Purpose

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I mostly write this piece with my Messiah church family in mind as my audience.  
I write in love from within the body of Christ. 

I will be traveling with the ELCA Southeastern Synod to visit our partner church, Iglesia Luterana Agustina, in Guatemala to act as ambassador and, to help with the work they have begun in villages around the area.

My first journey with a  purpose will depart on May 21, 2011.

But the journey truly began approximately 1 year ago.

As many of you know, travel is not new or foreign or frightening to me.  Travel has been quite the opposite for me.  It has been a time and a place of adventure, excitement and wonder.  It has even been a source of income. Nevertheless,  travel has been – well – self indulgent.  I believe that the travels that I have experienced around the country and abroad, however selfish, were gifts for me to enjoy.  No guilt trip here.

Things began to change during a period when our family opened our home to foster children.  I began to question my purpose.  As noble as foster care is, it was not my family’s purpose, and it certainly was not my personal call.

Seek and you will find… is a promise by Christ.  Contrarily, what you may find is not always what you thought you sought.  The true beauty of God’s promise is that we are guaranteed to find Him.  And while looking for my purpose, my family’s purpose, my calling, me, me, us, us, me – I found Him and His purpose, and His voice calling.

It has been a step-by-step journey and at times,  I attempt to run ahead of the Lord, looking back saying, “I got this under control, now.”
He has never failed to graciously guide me back onto His path.  My mistakes have not kept Him from continuing a good work in me.

A man plans his ways but the Lord directs his steps.” Proverbs 16:9

So, here I write today in full confidence that the Lord has called me, this day, to “go” into a land that I have visited in the past as a traveler but this time I will go as an ambassador of Christ and of my beautiful, little church. This time I will go as a sister in Christ, one not seeking self but seeking the face of God in the people who greet me.  This time I will go seeking the spirit of God to wrap himself around us all and unite us in His Kingdom.

I will take with me the stories of the children of Messiah and the lessons they have learned about missions in our community and abroad, the Tuesday morning bible study and how women of all ages marvel at the things we continue to learn about the bible, the deaths, the births, the surgeries and the weddings.

I expect to bring back the stories of people who will know our names and pray for us as we pray for them.

BTW,  I am learning that life’s ultimate purpose is quite simple.  Bach wrapped it up nicely,  Soli Deo Gloria.

Next week, the mechanics of it all – scheduling care for the kids while I am away and finding a clinic to complete my medical release form.


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