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Travel With Children Mar 21, 2011 2 Comments

So, in the car on the way to somewhere,

Dear Husband says,  “We need to talk about what we have planned for vacation.  I have 5 weeks (27 days of vacation) and I need to schedule for it, or I loose it.”
“What do we have planned?” he says.

Here is where my confession comes in.  I have nothing planned.  Yes, nothing because the hardest part of travel is not the travel itself but the planning.
There you have it.

I hate planning for travel.  First, in order to travel the way our family prefers (which includes the locals, their food, regional wine, playgrounds full of families and slow days) it takes a lot of research, fare alerts, and scouring periodicals.  And this is just to pick a PLACE.

Packing a carry on the size of a gallon Ziploc is less intimidating than planning travel.

Because of my lack of available planning time and finesse, we (just the hubby and I) deplaned in Italy once without reservations for the night –  or the remainder of the trip.

Unfortunately,  now that we have children in tow we need to know where we are going to sleep. We need to have a bed, or at least a tent in the plans.  Note:  My mom may be reading this,  so I have to say we try.

Between now and December 31,  I must come up with 5 weeks of vacation within our budget.

I’ve turned my attention to  This site has a handy “Where-To-Go” feature, that let’s you see the cheapest places to fly around the world from your chosen airport.  Which, by the way,  is a 300-mile radius from our home airport for us.  We have been known to drive far and wide to save a couple of  hundred bucks. (Will post that story soon.)

Also, I am playing around with the Awesome Notes application to help organize my thoughts and ideas.

How do my readers plan?



  1. Craig

    I “followed” you last week on twitter, you were kind enough to follow me back. Thank you.

    And I heart your words. I can feel the pressure of “the plan” but also the desire to fill your family’s time and make memories. I hope all the planning leads to perfect vacations. As for me – I have it easy – just me and Laska the love kitty – and no vacations – so I’m good to go – but have no advice.

    God Bless and keep you and all of yours

  2. Thanks Craig. I just had the opportunity to sit down and browse through both of your blogs, and they are beautiful and inspiring. Keep writing, and I'll keep planning – I guess.

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