I love analogies

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People often ask, “Why do you homeschool?”

I have several reasons but one makes the top 10 list and it is: I love the everyday analogies that pop up during the day, reminding me of our relationship with our Heavenly Father.

Take for example today, after three days of being shut inside because Atlanta is not prepared for four inches of snow and sheets of ice on the roads, the kids and I take a walk around the neighborhood to survey the roads.

We discovered that the high places were thawing but there were still quite a few slick patches along our path.

My Sweet Pea became panicked when we approached sheets of thick ice that had to be braved in order to press ahead. She was panicky for good reason because her first snow day was a disaster. She and a neighbor decided to take a kayak down a hill in the snow which hit a tree and capsized on the second trip.

Understandably, she did not want anymore mishaps.

However, as we faced the slick spots, Sweet Pea’s fear would force her to make her own way over the ice, slipping and sliding and calling out for mommy despite holding my hand. I found myself repeatedly saying, “Don’t walk beside me or try to push ahead of me, walk behind me because I am making a way.”

I was crushing the ice with a pole as we walked and she simply needed to follow my path, and it would be cleared for her.

Sound familiar?

As we replayed this scenario over each patch of ice, it became clear to me that our relationship with God can be a lot like this.

“I will go before thee, and make the crooked places straight: I will break in pieces the gates of brass, and cut in sunder the bars of iron:” Isaiah 45:2

It is written that He will go before us to “crush the ice” but I often times find myself, just like Sweet Pea, trying to rush ahead or seek my own ways over slippery conditions.

I mentioned this to Sweet Pea. (See why I love homeschooling!)

At 8 years old, she has an incredible thirst for the things of God, and the faith of her parents, so she has lots of questions from a genuine desire to know God’s nature.

Her question came once we had cleared the rough spot and we were on a thawed stretch of road where she was now walking confidently beside me.

She said, “What about now, mommy, I’m walking with you. Should I be behind you now?”

I took a few minutes to contemplate her point, and finally my Spirit answered for me, saying, “No, Sweet Pea. This is when God does walk along side us – in our confidence when times are easy and safe. But what blessed assurance to know that through our faith, He has gone before us when times are uncertain, scary and down right slippery!”

“As they talked and discussed these things with each other, Jesus himself came up and walked along with them;” Luke 24:15

Then we approached our next patch of ice, and Sweet Pea took her position behind me and said, “But mommy, you are NOT God!”

We slipped all the way home – me basking in another homeschool opportunity to make a biblical truth real to my daughter through analogy.


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