Traveling with Foster Kids

Travel With Children Dec 07, 2010 No Comments

Ok, so here is the promised post about traveling with foster kids. Sometime last year I asked my reader (I have one follower:) to stay tuned as the Gray Tones added foster children to the travel mix.

Well, I have learned that when you travel with foster children you don’t have time to post about it! So, there you have it. It was the ultimate travel challenge. I thank God for it but whoa! I had the nerve to take them on their first travel adventure by MYSELF. Just me and four little kids. Ages 7,5,4 and 2.

Not an easy trip, however, our trip to the beach the first day made all the hassle worth it.

My oldest foster darling said, “Mommy what are those things rolling in the water?”
I answered through a humbled voice, “Darling, those are called waves.”
That day, I felt as if I had parted the seas for that little girl, and guided her to another view of the world – one she had not imagined existed.

Enjoy photos from the trip.


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