Cups and Saucers

Travel With Children May 30, 2008 No Comments

Cups and saucers are our new habit. It began during our travels and took conception here in Atlanta watching one of my favorite movies, “Paris, Je T’Aime. ” We love the movie for several reasons – it reminds us of our visit to Paris (without children), the format of the movie (18 vignettes directed by world famous directors), the topic of love, and the overall diverse and creative interpretation of love. But best of all is the reminder that Europeans love coffee! Latinos love coffee and if you visit any of these regions, you’ll be hard pressed to find a cup of coffee in a paper cup!
The scene that inspired us to really enjoy a cup of coffee and use a cup and saucer, is a scene by director Oliver Schmitz called “Place des FĂȘtes.” It is the story of an immigrant who meets a local girl and goes on a journey through the city (Paris) to find her. During the search, he is mugged, stabbed and left for dead. The girl comes to his aid as a paramedic. The story is moving, romantic and heartbreaking, however the finale of this scene shows a fellow paramedic bringing the girl two requested cups of coffee in real, porcelain cups and saucers – on the street! From the shaking saucers, the audience is suppose to understand that she now understands her lost relationship with this man. Ben and I, however, burst out in laughter at the sight of what we know is true, the French would never bring coffee in paper! Neither would many others outside of our borders. So, we’ve switched to the whole kit and caboodle. Cup and saucer. Our children have even been enjoying coffee (Guatemalan style – a cup full of milk, sugar and a tablespoon of coffee) in cups and saucers. Ben uses a set at work, too. Here is to sitting down with family, friends and a porcelain cup and saucer of coffee.


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