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Giving Up Church for Lent 2015

Photo by Ben Gray @photobgray Now, now before you label me an apostate, a backslider, or claim that I lost Jesus in seminary, bear with me. On second thought, you really don’t have to, you can click away because this

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Introduction: The Quick Tip Series

43 years of life have allowed me to be a part of experiences I could never have dreamed as a child. Some of those experiences have been ecstasy and some have been sorrowful. I’ve tried some things that have been

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Planning Time to Plan: Expert Advise Part 2

Ok, My dear comrade has lost me with “spread sheet!” There is no way I can create a spread sheet on top of everything else needed to get a family of four out of the door. I guess I am

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Planning Time to Plan: An Update

*Originally posted March 21, 2011.* A homeschool acquaintance of mine and zealous traveler, has begun a blog topic outlining how she gets herself and her family traveling!  Unlike me, she enjoys the challenge of travel planning – read how she

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A Journey With a Purpose Part 2

Last night I met with our group heading down to Guatemala. There will be 7 of us going as ambassadors to be with our companion church in Guatemala City. The meeting was casual and covered a lot of the mundane

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A Journey with a Purpose

I mostly write this piece with my Messiah church family in mind as my audience.   I write in love from within the body of Christ.  I will be traveling with the ELCA Southeastern Synod to visit our partner church, Iglesia

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We’re boring

A few weeks ago, I realized that my family is living in survival mode. Despite our fairly stable financial means and Ben’s fortune to have a job, we have slipped into a very stale, conservative lifestyle. We are living to

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