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When Liturgy Comes Alive

Does life seem to mimic the liturgical season for anyone else? These are the seasons that some churches follow marking transitions within the Christian story beginning usually in November. Most people who are vaguely familiar with Advent think it is

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The Experiment

Here’s an idea for intergenerational Christian Education that works.

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Defining Church

On the Giving Up Church for Lent journey, I’ve decided to ask and consult friends, acquaintances and authors about what their definitions of the church are and if in fact, according to their definitions, I can really GIVE UP church. Of course, I

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Christian Formation 2011

The Lutheran Church of the Messiah’s Children Christian FormationA study of missions; local and global LOVE – John 3:16God loves us – We love Him – so we… OBEY – John 14:21We do as He commands in His Word (the

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