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40 Days of Giving Lockup BW

This Lent we are invited to listen carefully for God’s voice in our lives. The move from prayer, to recognition of our need for God, to acknowledging our relationship with hungry neighbors teaches us to open our hands to ensure that all creatures have what they need.  ~ from the 40 Days of Giving Lenten Devotional, Bishop Patricia Lull, St. Paul Area Synod

(Originally written for the ELCA Southeastern Synod blog)

We will gather today to partake in a meager, midweek Lenten meal to express our desire to fast from excess. In our fasting, we not only fast from the excessive eating but we also fast from the time it takes to prepare more elaborate meals. We might prayerfully consider how we, as an individual and as a congregation, might use that time to participate in the fight against hunger.

Perhaps it is time to become regularly informed and lead your congregation into comprehensive and sustainable programs to address the root causes of poverty and hunger?

As a World Hunger Leader you might join your congregation’s efforts to combat hunger with that of the ELCA’s World Hunger efforts to support over 350 domestic hunger programs and over 270 global projects.

ELCA World Hunger depends on churches like those in our synod participating in the 40 Days of Giving campaign, and others to make a difference in the face of poverty.

Also, by signing up as the World Hunger Leader of your congregation, you will be eligible for information, sermon starters, webinars, resources and other free materials to help organize your congregation’s hunger program.

If your church has not already designated a Hunger Leader (the person organizing your Hunger Walk might be a good candidate), please consider doing so by registering at: www.ELCA.org/CLD

Register to become a World Hunger Leader….

  1. Log in at ELCA.org/CLD
  2. Enter your congregation I.D and password
  3. Edit the list of leaders, add the new leader’s information
  4. Check the “Hunger Leader” box under the ministry area
  5. Complete the form, then click “Add New Leader”

After signing up as an ELCA World Hunger Leader, ELCA World Hunger will be in touch with you with more information.

Next week: Join the World Hunger Webinar Live from New York with the ELCA Youth Cohort on March 15 at 8:30 pm EST


Contact Ms. Adrainne Gray – ELCA Southeastern Synod World Hunger Ambassador and St. John’s member – with questions or for other opportunities to join the ELCA World Hunger Campaign to end hunger. ajtdelta@gmail.com


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