Letting Go of Homeschool

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In 2011 I ended a blog with these words:

“There may be a time for worksheets and drills, but for Sweet Pea, it isn’t now.”

Through tears, prayer, hours of meditation, and confirmation from our community, the time has come not only for worksheets and drills, but for public school.

This school year marks a life changing transition for our family… both kids are officially in a traditional school, of sorts. It’s a charter school with a pedagogy that works for our family. We did not make this decision out of frustration with homeschooling, but out of a unified calling to let go.  As a matter of fact, the only tears shed were my own as I lamented relinquishing partial power to another. Once the hurt, fear, guilt and all sorts of defeating emotions were purged, we moved into a school community ready to welcome and embrace my family.

As we traveled home from our last summer 2015 vacation to prepare for the first day of school outside of our home, Gypsy Boy and Sweet Pea said that they were fortunate to experience the best of both worlds — homeschooling and public school. They told us that homeschooling taught them so many real-life lessons that can’t be taught in a classroom (friendships with multiple age groups, learning in a non-competitive environment and the freedom to travel when we want!)  and that those lessons will enhance the consistent structure, group project-based learning and accountability that public school has to offer. With reasoning, logic and abstract thought like that, I think I can say, homeschooling was a success!

*The book I’m reading in the photo is The Twelve Gifts of Birth by Charlene Costanzo given to us by friends when Sweet Pea was born. This book never loses its relevance.

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  1. Lisa Speigner

    Adrainne what will you do with yourself now??!! This is a bittersweet post but speaks to everyone’s individual journey. I was a die hard homeschooler when I felt the “call” to put my son in public high school. He started two weeks late because I thought that surely God had made a mistake. I figured if I delayed long enough God would come to His senses. (Haha) Little did I know at the time that my son’s future destiny was wrapped up in that transition. The lesson I learned is that, just like Moses, we have to move with the cloud. I applaud your courage and look forward to hearing about the new phase of the adventure for the Grays. Love you guys!

    • You have always been a trustworthy spiritual guide for me, Lisa. Thank you for reading and knowing where I am in this journey. Not many can quite understand how difficult this decision has been, but you certainly do. The reference of Moses moving with the cloud is a good story to remember, I also keep hearing Ecclesiastes 3:1-8 in my spirit… there is a time for change! Love you too, Cuz!

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