Challenge Floods In

Discovery Jun 10, 2015 No Comments

I journal as a form of meditation and clarity, however, I share this journal piece with my social network with the hopes of receiving shared wisdom.

What is happening when we experience challenging days? Extraordinarily challenging, but not tragic.

For instance, yesterday:

1. The basement flooded,

2. Two mentally unbalanced friends were off kilter and wanted to drag me through the dregs of their issues,

3. Gypsy Boy fought like a wild boar during reading lessons,

4. Rain leaked into my minivan,

5. My mom stubbornly espoused her gospel – Jesus intends for all to be materially and economically wealthy – while stuck in Atlanta traffic taking her to cataract surgery! Yikes!

6. I couldn’t figure out how to call Google’s technology help desk. Google apparently is the carrier of my domain name

I’m willing to consider anything to explain the drastic shift in harmony.  I have a few theories:

1. It’s me! I’m responding poorly to everyday chaos.

2. The moon is shifting into a new phase. If I truly believe the interconnectedness of all living things throughout the galaxies, then this could be a cause. But what went wrong in the galaxies, yesterday?

3. These annoyances are ALWAYS present, but I was sensitive to them yesterday in order to make corrections in my life. i.e, fix the basement or move!

I apologize to those who had tragedies yesterday. May the peace of the Lord be with you during your sufferings.

Oh! Is it possible that crap just happens and I forgot my prayer for others so quickly under the tension?  The peace of the Lord was with me, you and the universe, regardless. Although, she must have been a little frustrated too.


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