It’s Not Getting Done

#weallschool Feb 02, 2015 No Comments

Last week Dear Husband was away on business and I was left to #weallschool all alone.

  1. I dropped off Sweet Pea at middle school (while Gypsy Boy slept in)
  2.  I attended the parent/principal coffee update at the middle school, which was an informative meeting about the dangers of the internet (Did you know your kids can download an app that hides apps? Ugh, something else I need to do)
  3. Gypsy Boy was tardy for homeschool EVERY DAY (yes, it is possible)
  4. The dog barely got walks
  5. I attempted to write a paper on what method I find helpful when addressing science and religion (Considering my knowledge of science is so remedial, I think my method is going to be to beg mercy from the scientists)
  6. I have piles of books that need to be read before class next week so that I can make a half-way intelligent comment during lecture time
  7. I managed to take Sweet Pea to The Concrete Jungle so that she can fulfill her “community service” hours for a school project
  8. There are a few emails I have yet to respond to (I feel crummy about my delayed response because one is from a mom considering homeschooling)
This is only a smattering of our week, but I won’t drag on ‘woe is me’ about how much I had to do, we are all fairly busy, right? And, ultimately, we all have the power to choose NOT to be that busy, right?
The point I’m trying to make is to be realistic with myself, and afford myself the same grace I would a stranger.  I had a busy week because my support was off providing for the family doing what he loves.  Not bad. So, when I look around my house at the temporary chaos, I will be gracious with myself because I have limitations.  I cannot, nor will I, attempt to do it all.


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