Finding My Passion Part IV

Discernment Dec 24, 2014 No Comments

Earlier that same year, (2011) I had been invited to visit our companion church in Guatemala, Central America. After returning home from the mission field, it took some time for what I had experienced and what God wanted me to do with that experience, to surface. I had shared tears with the people of these villages as they retold struggles, of prejudices, of crime and of misfortune, yet, I witnessed the Kingdom of God moving and working, regardless. Our brothers and sisters in Guatemala had a faith that was not taken for granted, but faith that was relied on moment, by moment. My pastor suggested that the pulpit was the only appropriate place to inform the congregation of the needs of the companion church and our response to it. In hindsight, I wonder if the sagacity of my pastor knew that the preparation of a sermon would help organize my thoughts, thereby calling the whole church into this mission. I took the challenge and I preached. The Gospel that week, Matthew 18, was an insightful Scripture that made clear my experience and shaped my words. My voice did indeed lead many to be concerned with global missions, but the most surprising reaction was the suggestion from a few that I should preach – go into ministry. But I knew, a preacher, I am not. What else was there? Months passed and I received news that my grandmother was in Hospice. I packed my family and went to South Florida to be with her. Aside from the immense honor I felt to be at her side when she died, I was truly intrigued by the Hospice organization’s peaceful approach to the end of life. Hospice educated my family about the physical process of death and ways we can help ease the pain of our grandmother as she moved away from a physical being. The Hospice chaplain came to sit with my family. With her visit, she brought comfort and a glimpse of what ministry looks like outside of the church, and it was beautiful.


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