Finding my passions Part III

Discernment Feb 14, 2013 No Comments

I fully realize my divine calling as a mother. Each day, I witness my children blossoming into good citizens becoming who God inspired them to be, acknowledging that their journey will not always include me wholly. As not to be left unawares, I needed to become re-acquainted with who I am. So, I pondered what I would do when this season of my life ceases; thus beginning a slow path of self-discovery, which ultimately led to a God-discovery. I picked up a book from a table of free books called, “Practical Genius,” by Gina Rudan. The author of this self-help book believes that we all posses a genius to share and that these geniuses don’t always have to be the top touted geniuses – the arts, advanced sciences, etc. The author has a formula for finding, basically, what you are good at and what excites you, and emphasizes doing that/those things for work, if possible, not just play. This is where we find our joy. Although I wasn’t in search of joy, for I knew from which that flowed, the book guiding me to rediscover things I had forgotten about myself. Through the exercises, I was able to list talents and gifts and recall what excited me most. Family, faith, travel, missions and encouraging others were top contenders of what I feel to be the most exciting things in the world. I have practical talents like writing, patience and listening/communication skills. After completing the exercises in the book, I had all my supplies for a masterpiece but was still not quite sure how to begin painting – painting my story.


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