Planning Time to Plan: An Update

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*Originally posted March 21, 2011.*

A homeschool acquaintance of mine and zealous traveler, has begun a blog topic outlining how she gets herself and her family traveling!  Unlike me, she enjoys the challenge of travel planning – read how she begins the process.  I will be…

Planning a Trip: Step 1- Grab a Map and a Calendar

Planning, Western US — By GBK Gwyneth on 7 April 2011 14:37
April? How did it get to be APRIL already?? Usually by this time of year, we’ve got most of the details of our summer travels worked out. I would usually have lists and documents and maps all organized and ready. Travel guides would have been read and bookmarked. I just LOVE the research and planning stage.
But this year’s trip is a different kind of trip, and I’ve not started planning. In fact, I have no idea how to start planning. Since we are not constrained by airplane ticket dates, I have nothing to limit me. And I have only vague ideas about where I might want to take the girls. And since everything is so flexible and unconstrained, I’m feeling a bit overwhelmed. Time to practice what I preach – Break It Down!
The “big picture plan” is for the girls and I to take an extended trip out west camping in our “new” VW, Evie. I have a few vague ideas of places I’d like to visit on the trip, but I’m sure we’ll not be able to get to them all. Plus, I realize that this late in the game, I may restricted on when I can get reservations at the major national parks.
Having just written this, I can feel the anxiety leaving and the excitement starting. I can envision the project starting to take shape. I can’t wait to get my “real” work done for the day so I can start pulling together a list of all the possible places and start mapping out the dates and activities and parks and camping choices. Excited! 


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