Mommy! We Found It!

Homeschooling Mar 04, 2011 No Comments

This is what I heard as the kids came screaming into the house last night after a walk with Papa and the new puppy Temple.

What did you find?

As Gypsy Boy picked himself up from the floor (he had tripped and fell during the excitement of running into the house), he and Sweet Pea said together, “We found his belt! Orion’s!”

I know I say it a lot here, but I feel so fortunate that I must say it again, these are the moments that keep me homeschooling.

You see, we had visited the Tellus Science Museum in Northwest Georgia that morning and had seen a show on Saturn at the Planetarium. Yep, Saturn, but Orion was a part of the introduction to the Saturn lesson. Just a small part.

Apparently, according to Papa, the kids looked up – into the night sky and screamed, “There it is Papa, Orion’s belt and his two hunting dogs.” “We learned about that today at the museum.”

The universe is their classroom.


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