This Little Light of Mine

Travel With Children Jun 23, 2009 No Comments

Here is a people encounter during our Fort Yargo trip I won’t soon forget.
After we put the children to bed in our tent, Ben and I sat up by the fire chatting. A family with a teen arrived and proceeded to set up camp in the dark with a Bic lighter. No joke.
We couldn’t believe our eyes. We thought maybe the trees were obstructing our view.

Was that really a lighter? Yes.
We watched a little longer, thinking surely someone is going to dig out a flashlight soon.
They never did.
Ben lit our lantern, ¬†walked over and placed it on their campsite’s empty iron lantern hook.
I could hear the gracious “thank you” repeated in the quietness of the night.

I’ll always remember:

1. To assume I may not make camp until after dark, so bring a flashlight with working batteries or a lantern.
2. How proud I was of my husband when he shared our light. If only the kids were awake to see this small gesture of kindness.

3.This also reminds me of my walk with Christ. Always share His light, don’t just sit and watch my neighbors struggle.


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