Boring Part 2

Travel With Children Jun 21, 2009 No Comments

Ok, so this weekend we packed up the minivan and drove an hour away to a great Georgia State park – Fort Yargo.

This is the first of several attempts at fighting boredom as a family.
It worked! It also reminded me of a previous post about this time last year (5.2008) that I wrote. Read this:

In my quest for growth in this area, I have been lead to stick close to home. I’m not sure why, but I continually hear home, home, home. Do I still have the desire to see the world? Of course! Will I? Of course! But not now. My mission is here. Home being my actual house (which lead to the restoration of my kitchen), my neighborhood, my city, my state (Georgia has diverse geography), my country, my earth.

Hmm, seems like I should visit my previous post more often just to stay on path. It seems like our two days outside, in a tent, cooking by fire, and catching lightning bugs is just what we needed. Our friends from the neighborhood joined us with their three and then, and only then did the party start, according to Gypsy boy.

More of this is sure to cure.

One note, however. I have said this before (not here, but among friends) that the worst part of family travel for me is getting us out of the door. As my dear friend, Holly, use to say, “It takes an act of Congress” to get us packed and out.

And this happened this trip as it has happened on many others. The van was packed with more than we needed and the kids were so excited that they just got in the way. Which resulted in us leaving way too late, which lead to us becoming caught in rush hour traffic , which left only a couple of daylight hours to explore our campsite by the lake.

But one thing I also have realized about packing for travel with kids, is that once they are out the door, the adventure that unfolds is well worth the headache of preparation.


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