I Need the Word of God

Homeschooling May 30, 2008 No Comments

Life has been rough lately. Nothing extraordinary. But enough to get my attention and make me run to God for a reality check. It seems like parenting has been becoming weary for Ben and me. The kids seem extra clingy, fussy, argumentative and all around annoying. We were having fewer cute moments each day. It seems that the things we had been doing, are not working. In the midst of all this, I had started a new math (Saxon) curriculum with Sweet Pea (per her request to learn more math) and my Gypsy boy was being left out. This set into motion a host of “attention getting” behavior issues.
Well, in comes the Holy Spirit…. it said pray, pray, pray. I prayed during the day (more), longer during grace at dinner, and prayed myself to sleep many nights.
Through these times of prayer I prayed for myself, my hubby, my children and random others. Until the answer hit me like a ton of bricks – I needed the Word of the Lord, regularly. Not when I thought about cracking the bible, but everyday that I have breath. I’m still not sure how to incorporate this into vacations?
Anyway, with a little Google search I found http://www.homeschoolingmothersbiblestudy.com/ .
So far, I like it because it gives me the Word daily. I must sit down, open the Book and read, understand and apply the Word of God on a daily basis. Sure, other bible studies lead you to this but I like this one because it focuses on the need of a homeschooling mother. What a blessing because our needs are very different than most moms.
The other blessing for me is the short easy to digest daily reviews. The author, a homeschooling mom, understands that hours of reading is not what we have to give right now, however, even the tidbits of study make a huge impact. I love that I have a target scripture to meditate on each day. I also found a bible study work book for the kids. It offers scripture memory cards and a CD of bible songs. So, each day, early we all spend some time in the Word. Thanks be to God.
How is the family, now? My testimony is miraculous. They are peaceful and satisfied that mommy, daddy and God loves them. They really enjoy the bible study and play at my feet while I am reading my study. It doesn’t take long, and sometimes I do the study with one on my lap. They love it! Daddy is happy that we are happy. By the way, we do math in the afternoon after bible study. 🙂


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