Where to next?

Travel With Children May 26, 2008 No Comments

Well, good question. Life has certainly changed since 2005. I now have dread locs. I am slowly becoming more aware of myself as many things. A committed follower of Christ forever seeking God’s voice on what that looks like each day, a wife of nearly 9 years to an increasingly loving husband, a homeschooling mother and what that looks like for our family and a foster family hosting children in need of a safe, peaceful place just to name a few.
Which leads me back to my first self – a child of God. A God I am learning to hear. This takes practice, time spent in meditation and prayer and study. In my quest for growth in this area, I have been led to stick close to home. I’m not sure why, but I continually hear home, home, home. Do I still have the desire to see the world? Of course! Will I? Of course! But not now. My mission is here. Home being my actual house (which led to the restoration of my kitchen), my neighborhood, my city, my state (Georgia has diverse geography), my country, my earth.
All these things are gifts from the Father that I feel were given to me to glorify Him. Home has become my ministry, which also led to fostering children.
So, where next? Not far. God wants me here, and I want to be where He wants me to be. It’s His perfect best.

Photo of me feeling the cool waters of the Ocoee River in North Georgia.


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