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Travel With Children Jun 28, 2005 No Comments

Pray for Tsunamis victims and their families.

I’d like to add something, a major something, to my tips for parents traveling with children. TAG YOUR BABIES.
Make sure your little ones have identification on them at all times when traveling… especially abroad.
Last year during the aftermath of the Tsunamis that devastated many countries in Asia and Africa, I was horrified by the pictures and reports coming out of these pummeled places. As with many other viewers, my heart went out to the people who had lost everything in the unexpected disaster.
But one story that has stayed with me most is the story of one little boy, a tourist, who wandered alone around India because his parents were missing – presumably dead. Locals had trouble even determining the native language of this child, let alone his home country, name, parents or anything else.
As an advocate of traveling with children, it is no surprise that this story bothered me. It made me think of the down side of traveling with children – accidents – things that we can not be prepared.
However, in my sorrow for this family, and my realization that all is not rosy when traveling, I pulled myself up by my boot straps and decided that the rewards are worth the chance, but that I would travel a little smarter.
I decided to invest in I.D. bracelets for my children. Bracelets that first and foremost would contain my children’s nationality, and then, a passport number, their names, languages spoken, and the next of kin and/or phone number.
I am looking into several Web sites that offer these bracelets and, I will post the one I choose. Stay tuned.
P.S. Our second child, a boy, was born June 2, 2005. Next blog… why I think his temperament may make traveling a challenge.


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